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Support Countdown To K with a set of custom-made ceramic Christmas ornaments. Four (4) shapes to choose from: star, circle, oval, and heart. They can be the perfect heirloom to use year after year, generation after generation.  And remember, 100% of sales benefit Countdown To K’s ABLE United fund.Mug


This classic shape white, durable ceramic mug with wraparound print supports left and right-handed holders.  Makes a great conversation piece for every true hot beverage lover.  And better than that, 100% of sales benefit Countdown To K’s ABLE United fund.

Inclusion Is For The Included (Front Cover)

It takes a village to raise a child and when that child has a disability it is not unforeseeable that you may need the village, the next three towns over, twelve states and a continent other than that you live on.  No exaggeration.  No pun intended.  Some days are great and others are heartbreaking.  Travel the road less taken with these stories from a special needs mother as she shares the good, the bad, and the down-right horrible along her journey of parenting.



“Very heartfelt. Thank you for your courage to be authentic and accepting. You are every bit the angel God designed for CB.”   ~D.S.

“You have an excellent gift in both your writing and teaching. DD has developed and excelled by your efforts. I applaud you and admire your strength as I am sure this journey is not an easy one. I will remain prayerful for you and DD’s continued success and thankful that she has such a great parent/mom-schooler like you!”    ~C.J.

“Your writing takes you right to the heart of the matter.  Your faith, fight and determination for your sweet pea is amazing.  What you have done would have shattered most people’s ability to cope. But you have persevered and I just say fight on and make those in charge accountable.”   ~J.B.


“These experiences have been difficult but cathartic to write about, yet if they help one person then I have done well.”     ~La Taasha Byrd


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