Who am I?  I’m a mother to a ten-year-old daughter with designer genes. I’m a special needs advocate, author, national speaker, and Mom-Schooler. #homeschool #hybridschool

Why a Mom-Schooler you ask?

Having a child born with any type of exceptionality is difficult and this mom has done everything to help her along the way.  Many have asked for help in what types of activities we engage in.  This blog will help you to cater a great inclusionary plan for your little one to prepare them for school and beyond. Follow us at Countdown To K.

Being a special needs parent has its challenges, but with careful planning and little bit of mom-know-how you can teach your child the basics and beyond…on a budget.  I never thought of myself as a homeschooler in the formal sense, but I had a knack for getting my DD (dear daughter) to grasp information in a fun and engaging way.  These techniques can work for any child.  Tailor your activities to your child’s abilities and attention span and watch them light up with learning.

There is no manual on how to make your kiddo school ready. These are the routes that I took.  Perhaps they will help you as well.  It is our intention that children be exposed to every opportunity available and grow to be the best little humans they can be.

We as parents have to help each other.  I’m a mom on a mission.

I’m a supercharged mom-schooler.

Any questions?

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  1. Pamela Tarver says:

    Nothing less than the best for your child. Super blog idea. I am sure that others will benefit from your experiences.


  2. A says:

    You and your daughter are beautiful. Thank you for not letting ignorant views on ability keep you from sharing your stories.


    1. taashab says:

      Thank you Ann. These experiences have been difficult but cathartic to write about. If they help one person then I have done well. Again, thank you.


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