You are a parent.  You are a special needs parent.  You have doctors.  You have therapists.  You have information.  You have brochures.  You take notes.


WORK WITH LA TAASHA and learn how to incorporate the things you learn from therapists and apply them to your everyday life. By using these applications in daily settings, you are able to reinforce the therapy in ways that are interesting and appealing.  Learn how to use the objects in your home for added layers of learning and help to master new skills.  For example, how many ways can you learn to count using a bar of soap or learn to read using a pizza box?


Learn to think out-of-the-box and have fun while preparing your loved one on their Countdown To K!

One-on-one and group workshops are available to help parents with exceptional children learn to help them reach their greatest potential.  Classes can be taken from the comfort of your own home. Request using the form below and include your name, a viable email address, and the topic you would like to work on using the Comment section.  Take a minute and review our Privacy Policy.  You will be contacted via email to confirm your appointment and receive update information.   Your initial consultation is FREE!

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