KidsTown at the Orlando Science Center

There are several women chatting and waiting at the end of The Love Bridge, a heart-filled rainbow walkway which guides guests from the parking garage into the main building of the Orlando Science Center.  There are a few children there as well playing in eager anticipation to find out what is just beyond the black accordion doors to the left of the ticket counter.  A few introductions later and we find that we all have something in common.  We have been invited for a sneak peek into the OSC‘s newest endeavor:  KidsTown, an all accessible interactive play area for children.


As the doors fold away we are ushered into the entrance hall, lined with colorful circles and donor information.  To the immediate left is the Orange Grove exhibit presented by Dr. Phillips Charities. Explore the wonder of farm-to-table complete with sensory areas, conveyor belts, a grocery stand, and showers of oranges from a high tower.


A short trip down the hall reveals the Isaacs Family ClimbTime indoor play area. Children, and adults alike, can climb and play in this high-rise playground complete with twisty suction tubes for hours of fun.


Drip Drop Splash, presented by the James M. Cox Foundation, is an impressive display of how changes affect our environment complete with  water tables, rain showers, and loads of toys to pour and collect.

Toddler Town, presented by Community Based Care of Central Florida, is a rough and tumble mini play area for little ones only. Seating is added for parents to rest and watch.


Explore It, presented by Publix Super Markets Charities, is an impressive display of STEM principles in action.  Science is on display in this wonderwork of gears and levers, pulleys, air tubes.  There is plenty of fun to be had for parents to join in and learn alongside their children. These activities are designed to build 21st Century learning skills such as creativity, invention, collaboration and problem solving.


KidsTown Studio, presented by
Florida Hospital for Children and Harriett’s KidsTown Theatre feature a mini theater and props, an art classroom, and a customizeable smart board to make cards for children residing at the hospital.

KidsTown  boasts 11,000 square feet with activities literally in every corner.  The dedicated space has been totally revamped with sustainable play areas, classroom upgrades, STEM discovery additions, smart boards, and bathrooms in each class.  There is something for every facet of learning and yet OSC has facilitated growth as technologies evolve.


The all new KidsTown premiers at the OSC on Saturday and Sunday, October 22 and 23, 2016. To learn more about the OSC and its programs click here.

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